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November 9, 2013

Kabuye developed blindness.
His A factors: the eyes.

His car too macular for progression,
he saw traffic as another epidemic in the world,
neurological in his United States.
More, though, is what afflicted scales of
States in ravaged condition,
past the age of the blind,
linking our senses and
lacking the visual of a leader –

when man’s perception is instead an instant order –

waiting on physiological statistics,
all due to a whitewashed country,
an Usher or unnamed ‘Those’
as has been described, their setting of
the extent of breaks given and deeds taken…

change overtakes what city remains.

Multimedia is owned by those quarantined by life’s blindness.

First are Causes.
Learn it like trachoma:
strike causes ‘As’ and ‘Is’, causes in and around the sight macular.
See who the Blindness devours,
which publications, and social doctors unnamed.

Once in the city well, plunged full nib into it,
light could so suddenly be one with The Foundation.
Fighting publicly-supported charity for facts.
Money not raising to fund a prevention of
research degeneration, providing residents
a retinitis pigmentosa of the soul.

Kids who can’t see can’t visually learn
about symptoms, diagnosis,
impairment – these are the lost tribe.

Get the blindness types, treatment, the prognosis.
Blindness, degeneration, stroke: the health topic page endless.
No visual impairment is this blindness.
Descriptions, reports, news – Blindness of the intellect can’t be read out.
Not after a plague of blindness engulfs the
city, all loose in a hospital where victims
are quarantined and borne to the fore.

But, Kabuye…

His was normal, until he was attacked
by what was left to him by his mind’s eye
seeing the rotten core of the city-state.

Blindness oft is the only tolerance cheaper than death.

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