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So the World Didn’t End – The 2012 Calendar Keeps Turning

December 21, 2012
Space Jesus

It’s December 21st, 2012, and we’re all still here (except for the ~155,000 daily dead who wouldn’t have been here, regardless of doomsday). For the vast majority of people in the world, this fact will go unnoticed. Most of humanity simply didn’t believe in the so-called Mayan Doomsday Prophecy to begin with. Including, funnily enough, modern Maya. But what will today be like for the true believers?

Some will likely kill themselves. A portion of the suicides will be because their beliefs failed them and they simply can’t go on with that knowledge. Another portion will end themselves as a way to make the prophecy come true, at least from their point of view. There will be another group of believers that will comfort themselves with the knowledge that the translations were wrong and December 23rd is the correct date. That’s always been a possibility, according to ‘experts’, but was largely ignored because 12/23/12 doesn’t have the same alliterative or numerological ring to it as 12/21/12. So, that group will spend the next two days making sarcastic remarks about the fools that believed it was the 21st while the purists always knew it was the 23rd. On Sunday, they’ll dine on crow, as well.

There are plenty of religious zealots, mainly some sects of Old Testament Protestantism, who pray for doomsday on a regular basis. These are the ones that spread the gospel of repentance as the end of the world draws nigh. Every few months, one of their End Times dates comes and goes and they have to ‘recalculate’ the Word of God. They typically use the same text that tells them no man can tell the future, the end will come without warning, and seers are sinners. They also use prophecy theories from other religions to validate their predictions – other religions that they believe are false abominations, except when those abominations support their own needs.

And, fortunately, there will be a group of true believers that actually learn something from the fact that the world still exists. They will learn that they can’t control the future of something as significant as the universe, or as insignificant as humanity. They’ll learn that a leader with charisma and conviction is no more fit to be followed than a confident blind man in heavy traffic. They will learn that not knowing the future, though sometimes scary, is no more dangerous than knowing exactly what to expect. They’ll learn to let go and live.

So, we’re all still here (except the ~155,000 that checked out individually). We’re all still going to school, or working, or shopping, or crying, or building an addition to our homes, or sleeping under a pile of coats and newspapers, or laughing with our kids, or getting divorced, or eating cereal on the couch in front of the TV until the will to move finally comes upon us. We’re still here, pondering…

What now?

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