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New Life Form Discovered

December 2, 2010

NASA has discovered new life in California. It’s no joke (though there are plenty floating around the internet). This new form of life isn’t just another extreme life form living in conditions we thought intolerable. It’s something with a whole new DNA. All life on Earth (as far as we knew) has variations in its DNA, but the basic building blocks (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous, and sulfur) are always the same. ALWAYS.

Until now.

This new bacteria consists of only five of the same constituents. Phosphorous, however, has been replaced with arsenic. The fact that we view arsenic as poisonous isn’t all that critical – the fact that it is part of something’s DNA is fantastic. This is why NASA does research right here on Earth – such discoveries can totally alter how we do research in space. Until now, ET was assumed to be made of the same stuff as us, at a fundamental level. Other forms were speculated, but never were we able to determine what ‘other’ stuff we should look for. Now, we have a clue.

Previously, the debate around ET life centered around the fact that we had never found life on another heavenly body. Now, we’ve found something entirely alien right here at home. This broadens our horizons exponentially when looking for life on other planets. No longer are we limited to earth-like planets or micro-environments. Now, we have a new ball park within which to search…

I’ll send you to Gizmodo, since the breaking website is in Dutch, and my mother-in-law is the only person I know that can read Dutch…

Also keep an eye on NASA’s site

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