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Once in a Blue Moon?

November 21, 2010

Okay, there’s nothing I love more than an overly detailed, highly exhaustive explanation for something I never really wondered about in the first place. That’s not sarcasm – I really, really mean it. Trivia is the life blood of intelligence. The more trivia you know, the more connections your brain builds and the more logical deductions you can make based on the totality of your knowledge in a multitude of genres.

Today’s example: Once in a Blue Moon. Most people seem to think that the phrase refers to having two full moons in one month. That’s what I always understood. In general, it means “a really rare event”. What’s the truth? A far more convoluted tale that ties together monks, cosmology, and the “bad luck” of the number 13. It’s a conspiracy worthy of a Dan Brown novel. Of course, if Dan Brown wrote about it, it would end up being a great idea ruined by hack writing, yet somehow become a best seller since most readers seem to expect nothing better than the level of writing found on most blog posts these days.

Wait – what? Nevermind…

Follow this link and see what I mean about the great mystery of the Blue Moon, and the truth you never knew you didn’t know: Once in a Blue Moon

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