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Lab Rats

October 29, 2009
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It was the kind of thing
she had always dreamed
Not in one of those
wispy, romantic settings
with lilies and blue skies, but
the kind where all of the
edges are fuzzy and the
corners are

blackened, though occasional
moans and screams echoed
from those shadowy areas
like – reminders of the hell
she faced for her decisions.
She convinced herself halfway through that

it wasn’t her, it wasn’t her body.
She was an alien;

she had assumed the guise of an Earthling
in order to ensnare
one of their own for
her purposes. She would study him,
learn from him, but
subtly. She would let him do
the probing, the exploring.
Let him ask the
mundane questions. He would never know that

she was actually in charge, that
she controlled his every move.
she even wanted him to
slap her,
shake her,
hold her down. She needed to
see what the human male was really like
when not aware of her observation, of
the reasons for her submissiveness.
This is what she told herself

when it was over. She even told the doctors
the same. Her mother would understand –
Mother was an alien, too, once.

She had told her so.

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