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Old Marquees With Stupid Band Names…

October 13, 2009

Ok, listed below are some of the coolest band names that no one is currently using. I spent countless hours running these through my advanced analytics research tool (Google) to verify they weren’t in use. Since I’ve been on the internet longer than the World Wide Web has (honestly, I used to bootstrap a PDP-11/40 from memory), I also went old school and checked Alta Vista and posted something on the CompuServe BBS – no hits. So, I hereby copyright all of these!

 Bucketful of Band-aids

The Chelsea Clintons

Screaming Jesus – a song, apparently, by Full Devil Jacket, but not a band name!

One Less Thing

Fuck Me Runnin’ and the Uphill Gang

The One Where Ross is Gay

Nine More Days of Joe

The Salad Shooters

Everybody Poops

Dastardly Dave and the Tin Pan Caper

 Plus, two names I’ve recorded under: Plumb Nellie (2002); Bitter Stones (1997)

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