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Overexposed: The Barack Obama Story

October 9, 2009
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A lot of people in the media have debated whether or not the President is overexposed on television. With daily press briefings, several televised addresses, and rampant coverage of Obama date nights, some might wonder if Barack Obama has gone ‘Hollywood’.

Honestly, I’m happy to have such a visible, if not always transparent, Commander in Chief. Even if he is in an undisclosed location most of the time, planning the new One World Government, seeing him on TV makes me feel like he actually cares what the People think. I also feel like being more visible lends a certain coolness to the presidency that may actually hook the fleeting interest of today’s kids and remind them of the monumental shift we’re witnessing in American history – six generations after the Civil War, we actually have a black president. Not too shabby.

Now, if he were to, say, start showing up in commercials for new late night shows starring B-list comedians, then I might start to worry…

All my friends know the Lo-Bama

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