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Comedy-Horror Double Tap: Zombieland

October 9, 2009

Ok, so I went to see Zombieland on Wednesday…

98% funny
43% gore
4% romantic/heart-stringy
100% low budget

245% perfect

Yes, go see it. What caught my attention was two moments in the film where I noticed the timing/delivery of a joke was off. Two times. Out of roughly 180 total jokes. I only noticed the two misses because the other 178 hits were so dazzling. Lots of fake blood but relatively few crushed heads – not as nasty as some people seem to think. All the way funny. Surprisingly good suspense considering the circumstances. I even jumped once (only once, but it was a goodie). I dig zombie movies and this one is a hit.

Go see it. Buy the DVD. Get the t-shirt. A cult-following will surely build for this movie and it will play in double-features (or “double-tap”) with Rocky Horror in less than five years from now, I guarantee. Oh, and stay for the credits – not a huge bonus at the end, but funny for die-hard fans of a certain comedic actor who shall remain nameless…

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